The PDA client is a web client running in a standard HTML 5 compatible web browser. The client is started from a browser using a URL to the server running SHARK. For example by: http://myhostname:8086 .

The client does not have full functionality and is mainly used for standard processes like picking, storing, adjusting, etc. but does for example not have features for system configuration, so although it has many similar functions as the PC client, it is not a replacement. It is also using screen layouts designed for smaller screens and to be used without a keyboard.


Before starting the client, login with an ordinary SHARK user account and password. Each user should only be logged in once, because jobs are attached to the user, not the PDA device. This allows a device to be replaced by another, in case for example the battery is flat.

Choosing Work Group

The user must select a Work Group, defining the area where he/she wants to work. The Work Group will be stored for future logins and used as the default. To select a work group, choose the "work group" menu from the main menu.


Printing is supported by the PDA client, but because it typical is a moveable device, it has not a fix printer, instead a printer must be selected as the current printer in use. 

The printer selection menu is opened from the main menu.


From here click on a printer to use for the coming print jobs. The first column is the printer name and the second column is the PC where the printer is  defined.



To configure the printing of labels, open the SHARK PC Client on the work station that is controlling the printer and make the configuration there. See the documentation for label printing.


The PDA functionality can be configured in different ways.

Available Functions

To make the interface as simple as possible, available menu items in the main menu are configurable. This is done from System Configuration. 

Open the System Configuration and panel and find PDA Config.


The Configuration Panel is used to configure the behaviour of the PDA application. 


The Main Menu section defines which menu points that will be available. To make the system as simple as use as possible, disable not needed menu entries.

Note: When the panel is closed the PDA Server application will be restarted. This means possible users using the PDAs, will experience a stop in the response for some seconds. To avoid this press Cancel.