If you are looking on how to optimize your warehouse operations, please take a look at what we can offer.

  • Improved quality, a well designed system ensures very few picking errors with happy customers as result. 
  • Faster delivery time. 
  • Better control of what is picked when. 
  • You can't manage what you can't measure. It is important to have the tools that will provide the right information to allow an ongoing improvement process. 
  • Easy integration to host systems like SAP and Microsoft Business Solutions and a platform that allows integration to nearly any other host system. 
  • Do you already have a WMS system that works fine, but is not supporting automatic equipment like vertical lifts, etc. Shark could also be the answer to manage only this part of the warehouse with a tight integration into the existing system. 

Read more about Shark here.


Logiware is a software company that develops and provides advanced logistic solutions for clever handling of especially warehouses with automated equipment like lifts, conveyors and other automated material handling systems. The solutions are based on our own warehouse management system SHARK, which in a large number of installations has proven its efficiency.

Many warehouses have a large potential for improved efficiency and a relative small investment in warehouse management software that support automated operations, can in many cases show ROI of less than 1 year. 

Contact Logiware and let us discuss how we can help your company.